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Everyone in our company, from our self-proclaimed wizard Shon Gale, and our awesome support staff, love to hear from you how great we are.

Since we love to brag about ourselves so much. We have dedicated a page just to talking about us. We are proud of our system and the work that's gone into it. We also love to interact with our many customers to find mo' better ways to improve it.

Our Vision

We believe that every individual needs to be empowered with the tools to stream from anywhere there is an internet connection. The individual needs to be able to record activities whether they are good or bad and then be able to share those broadcasts or recordings with whomever they choose. We decided to try to fulfill that need.

itsoez.net is proud to offer low cost audio and video streaming complete with easy to use scheduling. Stream your broadcast to the world. Stream your bands rehearsal, your babys birth, your baseball game, anything, anywhere, anytime. You will be able to stream to anyone or everyone you choose.
We all want to have total freedom but we also need to respect other(s) rights and ownership of property. We had to draw a line and make sure that anyone that breaks the rules gets disconnected. The rules are simple and links to them are posted above in green in case you forgot how they work. We also want to be clear that we DO NOT STRIP ANY METADATA from your files. We believe in the privacy of the individual. In fact unless someone complains, we don't monitor or censor your files at all, like we say below in the comment section 'dissin', cussin' or any other misbehavior will be deleted.' If we get complaints and your account requires administration then you will be blocked. We really don't want to block anyone. We are happy that you choose to come here and use our services. So please be nice.

Who are these guys?

Comments / Suggestions

If you have any suggestions or comments please tell us. BUT be advised that dissin', cussin' or any other misbehavior will be deleted. We like to view our comments / suggestions as constructive.

Tom Spear
16:14 on 25 Jan 2013

Work Hard,,,Play Hard,,,Sleep Hard,,,Dream Good...T.S.

Shon Gale
05:55 on 02 Mar 2012

One of our favorite sites is Webcam Mania at www.webcamsmania.com , this is a great site to look at the world and be amazed at how much you are on video!

Peter Shupe
22:29 on 28 Nov 2011

Wow, free video live streaming that I can share with anyone anywhere.This site seems to be making history with the many cool things coming down the line for the future of Social Networking.

Bari Wyte
20:01 on 28 Nov 2011

I have known Maylock and Shon for thirty years. We were in the firsr quadro--phonic Celestial jazz band in Marin County, hoping to dovetail our efforts with Industrial Light and Magic (steve Jobbs was there too.)
With itsSOezy our poly-phonic live stream can reach the world on a sly-moll-cast ; can come true....... . We launch tonight !!!

Shon Gale
09:37 on 28 Nov 2011

This site is da bomb! I love to broadcast my webcam free of charge. You should all signup and enjoy.

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